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No more eating junk food for Makhadzi until 1 October as she prepares for her best show



It has been a tough week for Makhadzi since she made a return to her tour in Europe and Canada, but things got worse when she was embarrassed by Zozi bodyguards when they try to stop her from reaching out to Miss Universe.

But this time Makhadzi is preparing for the best event in her career where she will be hosting a one-woman show in October, and she has just announced that today is the last day eating fatcakes until October passes because she wants to work on her body.

Junk food is not good for a body of an artist like Makhadzi because it makes her look fat when she is on stage, and it's where she will start to struggle to dance as she keeps on entertaining many people who will be attending that event on the day.

Will this inspire many people to stop eating junk food?

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