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OPINION: The reasons why Vin Diesel regards his friends as family on Fast and The Furious

People always have something to speak about after watching a Fast and Furious movie, but the most popular theme is the use of family-friendly slang.

Vin Diesel, who plays Dmnic Torreto in the franchise, is known for saying things like "I don't have family, I have friends" to emphasize how important family is. In meme form, people have been making fun of those phrases. Since I cover relationships, I thought it was time to weigh in on why Domnic treats his friends like family.

Visit celebrate F9 with Vin Diesel and I've Got Family Memes to see examples of this celebration in meme form..

Loss of parental guidance is a significant influence.

In their childhood, Domnic and his sister Mia learned to place their trust in others by looking out for one another. Those who lose their parents at a young age are compelled to place their faith in anyone who befriends them, because they are in dire need of affection and confidence.

Criminal labor necessitates dedication.

We can all agree that if you become involved in something illegal, you need to bring along a partner you can trust with your life. While doing time in prison, Domnic had to turn to the people who would not betray him and help him get out of jail if he was ever apprehended. Your own brother or sister is one person who has this kind of love for them. They've risked their own safety to help one other, and they've even managed to free him from prison.

Their offspring will eventually require a complete set of family members.

Dominika gave birth to a son, but her son was murdered before he could see his father. After Paul Walker's death, they decided to call him Brian. Even though Brian doesn't have a biological mother, Letti is Dominic's family, therefore he doesn't miss her. As a result of the absence of Dominic and Mia's biological brother Jakob (WWE Superstar John Cena), Brian was surrounded by uncles who entered Domnic's life as friends, but quickly became family.

'Family' has suddenly become a central motif in the franchise. All of his assailants intend to employ his family code against him, knowing full well that it is there that he finds both his strength and his weakness.

According to my findings, the term "family" appeared in 14 monologues delivered by seven different characters in the latest installment of the "F" franchise, "F9."

When someone says "family," you know they're talking about the F9 clan.

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