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Divorce Affair

Nhlanhla's Cheating Husband Burns Her As She Confronts Him About His Affair With The Pastor's Wife

People who are going through a lot of thing end up wldoing bad things, especially those who are facing some serious challenges in their marriages. There are men and women who are in marriages and when they start cheating, they mistreat their partners because they happen to be enjoying the extra-marital affairs, some turn to be violent and hurt their wives or husbands, in other cases they even leave their matrimonial homes and move in with the new partner, but Nhlanhla who wrote to enough is enough things were a little bit different since her husband was having an affairs with the Pastor's wife and when she confronted him, he turned violent and hurt her.

Speaking to Phumeza on Moja Love channel 157, Nhlanhla explained how her husband's cheating has been hurting her, she revealed that the husband has been doing things with the Pastor's wife and he even promised that he will stop what he is doing, he even called her and put her on speaker telling the other woman that he is stopping the relationship, she also added that he once burnt her with hot water leaving her with third degree burns on her back.

"My husband is cheating with the pastor's wife amd when I confronted him, he promised me that he will stop, the sad thing is that they never stopped since they were in contact all the time. What hurts the most is that this other day when I confronted him, he burnt me with hot water, I had some third degree burns on my back, he then just left me there and walked away," Nhlanhla said.

" My family is falling apart at the hands of this woman, I even tried to get people to help me since I am not a violent person, I never wanted to report this to the church, my children are also being abused emotionally about these things, I've never seen this woman in person, but I've seen her pictures since my husband shows me her pictures," she added.

Enough is enough crew caught up with the husband at the petrol station and when he saw the cameras, he decided to drive away saying they should follow him to the police station, but he simply drove off without even answering the questions Phumeza was asking, he even knocked one of the crew members who was trying to block the way.


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