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" I got pregnant and he wanted me to abort the baby, he left me and this is what happened next

A lady took to twitter to tell a heartbreaking story of how the father of her baby cheated on her and left her for another lady while she was pregnant. She says she was heartbroken. She she believes karma dealt with him because the girl he left her for cheated on him and had a baby with someone else and pinned it on him. He found out later that he was not the father.

" In 2016 I got pregnant and the guy opted for abortion because I was still in school but I refused, he cheated and left me for another girl. 2 years down the line the girl got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Last year he found that he's not the father." She tweeted.

"Does this Karma only affect black people? Make me understand, is Karma only directed to already disenfranchised race?" @Mark2 tweeted.

"Dna test is important guys. The exact same thing happened to my sister. Karma dealt with her ex husband. He left her after their son was born. Now, he just talks badly about her yet she does everything. He doesn't help with anything. Hasn't even seen his son in 5 years." Said @Dimplz.


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