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Mzansi's Left Disappointed With Couple As People Think Their Wedding Is Boring In #OurPerfectWedding

Mzansi's Left Disappointed With Couple As People Think Their Wedding Is Boring In #OurPerfectWedding

Congratulations are in order to the Dube's on their union! The couple have been waiting for this day, and the day has finally arrived for #OurPerfectWedding. Today we meet our beautiful couple who came out to share their special day with us. Vows that come from the heart.

One thing for sure is Mapule Vusumuzi are one of the best couple who have been together for years. The couple have interesting and loving story to tell about how they meet. It's always feels to good when couple have been together for years and at the end they are able to share their stories. The couple have three children, two from marriage and one that the husband has outside. It's not many times we get to see a woman of the house accepting the child from outside the marriage.

It's good to have a old couple that come to #OurPerfectWedding and show us what is love. This is the love we are referring when we say power couple. At least it's not a wedding of youth who just met and few months they want to get married. #OurPerfectWedding viewers think that the couple are boring because they are old. Being old does not mean love should not be impressed. The brides is very active and video. She's not someone who is boring and you can see that she is the most forward person in their relationship.

The couple has been through a lot, people never thought that one day they will get married. People had to hope that Vusi can be able to take care of his family because of the criticism from the brides family side.

The decor and their wedding Vows was very beautiful. Peole are wondering if thisnis the same decor we are seeing. The decor looks so beautiful. The client asks for too much black, and the provider decided not to go with too much black. This is the same wedding decor. The decor has changed since the earlier photo was taken.

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