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VIDEO: Samthing Soweto admits he is not doing well and he is happy for the support from fans

Samthing Soweto is aware of the concern and jokes going around social media about his current look. People were concerned if he was doing well and actually wanted to get well very soon. He is thankful for the support and good wishes, but those are those who were making jokes about him. He was not mad at them for comments they had made about his health.


He said he is not dying because that has been fans greatest concern. He admits he is not well at the moment and he is going through a lot. Be wants to set the record straight so that people will be aware of what is happening in his life currently and they won't have to scratch their heads anymore. It is wonderful to make it clear.

The other reason is that he has changed his lifestyle, hence he has a different look. He has changed his meals and is now eating differently and exercising. Definitely, they will change your look when you make the two changes in your lifestyle. He has even promised to release new music, and the only thing that is left is to choose a date.


His true fans are happy and wishing him a speedy recovery and the release of music. It has been a long time since the Amapiano lifestyle music has been played without his music being played around the country. As for the other reason that is not doing well, he does not want to share it at the moment or even get to talk about it.

Surely, when he is ready, he will get to share his life documentary. Some people like to call it "a story," but it is actually an actual event of life. It is not something that he wrote for his life, as in fiction. It is not about Samthing Soweto only. It applies to everyone because it can only be you with your life experience and those that you have planned.


Samthing Soweto did not say anything about being broke, and that is wonderful. If it is about something that he went through and it is not money, it is good because he will be able to take care of himself and attend to a medical doctor if needed. Good luck to him with a speedy recovery.

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