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Remember The 27 Years Old Who Dated And Allegedly Got Pregnant For Master Kg? See recent pictures

Queen Lolly Sgananda gained notoriety after sharing images that captured internet users' attention. After openly claiming that Master KG had asked her to abort their child in December 2020, she is now making news once more.

Queen Lolly Sgananda, a purported admirer of Master. The Zulu beauty, in addition to having a great African body, is a gifted musician. Sgananda, Sekwanele, and more songs have been released by her.

How well do you know Daughter of the Soil, Queen Lolly Sgananda Check out these interesting facts about her.

Real name of Queen Lolly is Nomfundo Shezi.

Birthdate: 30 November 1994 as of 2020

Country of origin: South Africa

Work: Vocalist, Song writer

who is she? Nomfundo Shezi, better known as Lolly, is an up-and-coming Zulu singer from South Africa. She became well-known in Mzansi after beginning to upload gorgeous images on her social media profiles in early 2019. She publicly charged Master KG, an accomplished artist, with requesting her to have their child aborted a second time in December 2020.

Details about Queen Lolly Sgananda that are worth noting The musician hasn't revealed a lot about her personal life. The top 5 little-known facts about Queen Lolly Sgananda are listed here, along with some stunning images of her.

1. A gifted performer Zulu musician Queen Lolly is brilliant and has worked on various collaborations with other artists. Queen Lolly S Gananda is shown in this picture. Great vocals are a blessing for the beautiful. The following are some of the Queen Lolly songs she has released. Featuring Team Delela Amadodenu is Sgananda (2020) Ntencane, Jumbo, Intombi Yo Mzulu, and Mduduzi Ncube are featured in the 2020 film Shonamalanga (2019)

2. Zulu with pride Zulu pride is present in Queen Lolly. She is a native of the Zulu people. Her roots serve as inspiration for all she does, including her music and style. In fact, she calls herself "Daughter of the Soil." Her main cultural affiliation is with the Zulu people.

3. Enjoys wearing traditional attire In Zulu-inspired attire, Queen Lolly Sgananda looks amazing. Queen Lolly S Gananda is shown in this picture. Shezi enjoys dressing in traditional clothing with Zulu influences, as evidenced by the photos she shares on social media. She is gifted with a curvy body, so anything she wears looks beautiful on her.

4. Leads a carefree lifestyle Lolly Sgananda, the queen. H5Diva image via Facebook The Zulu singer doesn't give a damn what other people think. The remarks on her social media photos demonstrate that she is not averse to expressing her opinions. Perhaps the key to staying sane online is to not give a damn.

5. Lolly Sgananda, Queen Lolly's lover and Master KG. In order to collaborate on a song with the Grammy-winning producer, the singer temporarily dated him. After she became pregnant twice and Master KG urged her to get rid of all of them, their relationship came to an abrupt end. After she made her disclosure public, Master KG asserted that she is insane and that the pregnancy is not his. The Queen has decided to carry the second child to term and raise the child by herself.

Beautiful South African woman Queen Lolly Sgananda has a remarkable singing skill. She may have benefited from the Master KG abortion scandal given how popular she is becoming.


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