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VIDEO: DJ Blackcoffee's former wife speaks about going to a mental health institution

She talked about her mental health. She was married to South Africa's international DJ, Blackcoffee. She went to a mental health institution to make sure that she would get better from what happened in her past. She said when she got there, she was told that she was seven years late and it could have been more.

From the comment section, it was being said that Ntsiki Mazwai is behind with a lot of years and she does need one. The comment was about someone who does not approve of how the other person is going and she is seen all the time being against almost everyone. But she has made it clear to people whom she is against at all times, as a man.

Costa is the person who was in Ntsiki Mazwai and then Manoko supported him. When it comes to social media, people will reveal how they are feeling and who needs help with something. Mbali also said she is now able to become better when she is being asked about something coming from her past. At first, she was getting angry and fighting for something she could not win.

It is known that the demands were made and they were never accepted by the other person. When you go for something and you don't make it possible, it is bad because you have lost. Imagine people losing a match on the field and how someone will feel losing their demands on a divorce or a job. It is something that you will get to benefit from and have a better lifestyle.

From the comment section, they mentioned Mihlali Ndamase, and it was about her new partner, Leeroy. Many people are not able to speak about what they have gone through, and that will have an effect on them if it was painful. It is not like trying to find a partner at first sight and having it not work out.

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