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9 Celebs Who Allegedly Don't Care About Public Opinion

Being a celebrity is difficult. Everyone is watching them and criticizing any flaws or excess weight.

We uncovered ten celebrities that appear to be fully comfortable with their weight and have no intention of losing weight for the sake of pleasing others.

Vin diesel

When a photo of Vin with a large stomach surfaced on the internet, many admirers hesitated to believe it was real. However, it looked to be correct. Diesel looked precisely like that in 2015. It's worth noting, though, that the celebrity swiftly got back into shape.

Christian Bale

According to reports, the actor gained weight due to a new movie role, not because he had given up on himself. That is something we can easily believe. He shed 120 pounds for his role in The Machinist in 2004 and then gained 100 pounds for Batman Begins in 2005.


Rihanna's fans are all stunned. The singer has recently gained more than 20 pounds. Rihanna, on the other hand, appears to be unconcerned with this and continues to wear provocative clothing.

Nelly Furtado

You won't recognize this once-slim young lady. Nelly's weight may have been affected by personal issues. She divorced her husband, Demacio Castellon, for whom she had abandoned show business, a year ago.


The singer claims that her producer made fun of her by claiming that her figure wasn't perfect. She had a nervous breakdown as a result of this. Well, they parted ways, and Kesha seemed to be relishing her newfound freedom.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer claims that she feels more feminine and happy now that she has two children and that she will not lose weight. Who are we to pass judgment on her?

Steven Siegal

Steven was never skinny, even when he was young. However, he maintained his physical fitness through rigorous physical exercise. The actor now weighs 285 pounds, which is quite a lot for his 6 ft 4 in height. However, it appears that Seagal is unconcerned.

Jessica Simpson

The singer had a figure that was practically perfect for modeling in the start of her career. She has, nevertheless, gained and lost weight in recent years. As a result, we might conclude that her current appearance is unlikely to be the final result.

Brendan Fraser

The actor suffered a difficult break-up as well as a physical injury, which forced him to take a vacation from his acting career. It had a negative impact on his appearance. Fortunately, his talent remained unaffected.


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