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Makwa pauses live video to respond to everything that Nota says about him

Makwa responded to Nota's Instagram live were Nota was addressing him after watching Sobering podcast .

Nota on Makwa

Nota said " I am a fcvking millionaire, what must I do? Must I be poor? Uyathakatha maarn!!! "Which means you are drunk "

He further said this to his followers "You don't care about Makwa, if he were to die tommorow you guys wouldn't give a fcvkin' damn!"

I want to see Makwa succeed ,if I don't see Makwa taking care of his kids then I have a problem with that.

He also said that he doesn't want to see a motherfcvken' Touchline, Eeque and others at Makwa's house when YOUR kids can't be at your house.

Angry Nota also said "Your kids are suffering they don't have a present father. You are repeating the same thing where your FATHER left, why are you repeating a generational curse?"

Lastly he said " Stop the lean. "

Makwa on Nota

Makwa responded by saying Nota is Rachel Kunutu from Skeem Saam .

He further said that Nota was caught trying to sell Kwesta's master's and he must also focus on his zoom weeding.

Lots of things were said on that live video

Click this link to watch it

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Makwa Nota Uyathakatha


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