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Chaos At The #MinaNaweHouse As Ayanda Got In A Fight With Sthe. See What She Wanted To Hit Sthe With

Chaos At The #MinaNaweHouse As Ayanda Got In A Fight With Sthe. See What She Wanted To Hit Sthe With

It's #MinaNaweHouse season finale hosted by Nomsa Buthelezi "Gomora, the diva" . The season finale has a lots of tension which is expected to take place on Saturday. It is the first time to get to see Nomsa Buthelezi as the host of #MinaNaweHouse.

The season finale was supposed to be happy day for the couple who went to seek help for their relationship in #MinaNaweHouse. In the video which was posted by Nomsa Buthelezi, we seen Ayanda getting involved in heat conversion with one of the housemate couple.

Ayanda is known as lousy person who is not afraid to speaks he mind. In the video which is currently circulating in social media, Ayanda is seen getting in hit conversation with Imraan and Salim. Ayanda was seen telling Imraan that woman are not allowed to speaks. Ayanda did it hide but to tell I'm spade to spade that she is referring to his wife Salim. As we know her she revealed it all that she us not his wife but his girlfriend since since he did not pay lobola. We must not forget that Makhegu recently paid her Lobola maybe that's the other reason why she has guts to tell Imraan that Salim is his girlfriend.

Ayanda does not know when to stop as if it was not enough. She Went and get in fight again with Sthembile who is sugar mammy to Sakhile. The fight between them it's none other than the cooking skills of Sthembile. In the last two episodes we saw Sthe struggling to cook and this has given her bad impression more special to Ayanda. Ayanda wanted to hid Sthe with vast which was displayed as a deco.

Ayanda is very lucky to gave someone like Makhegu who is supportive and willing to tolerate her nonsense. This coming Saturday she's going to tell Nomsa that she is into beautiful woman and sometimes looks can be deceiving. She told her that Makhegu is not beautiful but she choose to be with her.  

Make sure that you don't miss this episode on Saturday as it's going to hot.

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