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Alleged Side Chick Left People In Stitches After She Was Caught Doing This

People on social media were left in fits of laughter after seeing a picture of a young girl hiding on the outside of a window. The image was posted after people on higher levels of the building had attempted to determine what the girl was doing. 

The readers of the comments section did not believe the image's assertion that the woman was acting out as Spider-Man. The image claimed that she was doing so. 

This young woman was only a side chick who was inside the house with a Man who's wife returned home without informing her husband. As a result, she had no choice but to climb out the window and hide when her husband found out about his wife's return. 

An individual on social media who goes by the user name "Dele @ DeleBadBoy" felt the compulsion to tell other people about this website. 

On July 30, 2022, at approximately 9:04 p.m., and captioned it "Probably a side chick hiding from the main babe."


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Dele DeleBadBoy


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