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Was the Tembisa Ten story fake or not?

News made the rounds last year about a woman who gave birth to ten babies at the same time. It brought about much hope during the devastating Covid 19 pandemic. Amidst all the bad news doing the rounds last year, the news of the decuplets came as a welcome reprieve. It was wonderful to hear this story that seemed so miraculous until it was suddenly being called out as fake news.

Piet Rampedi reported in the Pretoria News that Gosiame Sithole gave birth to ten babies and the news travelled far and wide. But then many role-players in this drama including South African authorities have said that this news is fake. However Piet Rampedi and Gosiame Sithole have stuck to their story that she really did give birth to the babies and that the news was not fake.

An investigation was launched into the matter by the Independent media and a report with the findings are expected to be released this Wednesday.


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