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Vaccine did this to Bonnie Mbuli.

This is what happened to the Media Personality, and talk show host Bonnie Mbuli as she was just after vaccinating age continued with feeling sick after she vaccinated.

In South Africa everyone is being encouraged to vaccinate as it is the only way to make sure they are safe from the virus, and a por has been said about the Covid19 virus and it's side effects and this time around Bonnie Mbuli has experiences of her own.

According to Zalebs Bonnie Mbuli is experiencing tha more heavier than usual vaccine side effects as she could not even get out of bed, it is even worse than when she has Covid19, she then opened a huge platform fo most to express themselves on how it made them feel

Many people has sympathized with her on the matter as most people also have side effects that are not so nice and how to deal with them as well

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