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Will Melusi ever reunite with his son Ntokozo:Gomora [Opinion]


Melusi Dlamini on the telenovela Gomora is a good and reputable father to everyone besides his biological son.He is a respected Principal and he even supported Teddy and physical was there for him every step of the way.Even now he is still concerned about his well-being.Which is something he never does for his own son Ntokozo.Melusi has never shown affection towards his son which might have caused Ntokozo to love his mother more than his Father.

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When he found Langa and was told that he was his own son he showed him affection in all possible ways.But when it comes to Ntokozo it’s a different story.The Dlamini household is trusted and outsiders dream of being part of this family.Little do they know what happens behind close doors.Indeed not all that glitters is gold.

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Ntokozo is like any child who has mistakes and take wrong paths and maybe Melusi was the cause of Ntokozo’s taking wrong decisions, as he has always fought for his fathers validation and recognition.The writer and producers of the Telenovela have made this story line relatable to many people.Even if it’s not done to them but they might know a father and a son like Melusi.

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Present to everyone else besides where he needs to be present ,they say charity begins at home but with Melusi it begins out side and never at home.The brokenness of their relationship it is beyond being fixed especially after yesterday’s episode where he said some excruciating words towards his son.Words are strange as they can never be withdrawn and they have a way of staying inside ones mind and keep on coming back.See the link below:

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It is very wise indeed not to do or say anything in anger.Words can make or destroy one’s self esteem especially when they are coming from one’s loved one.Melusi has broken Ntokozo beyond repairs and he can never be able to justify or take back the words he has said.

Will Melusi ever have a proper relationship with his son?

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