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IsencaneLengane: People Suspect That Siyacela Will Stop Thando From Going To Varsity Next Year

Whether Thando goes to university next year or not, it is not Siyacela's decision to make, he cannot say that she cannot because she is a wife, that would be just be so unfair.

There is something that has to be pointed out, if Thando goes to university next year, then she will definitely have a different life. A lot is bound to change and one thing that will make the majority of viewers excited is the fact that she will be away from Siyacela.

The move will test the marriage, that is one thing that people are waiting to see the outcome of, Thando is still young and she will get to see a different side of life. It would be interesting to see if there will be any change as far as the marriage is concerned.

There are people who have mentioned that Thando is going to meet people and that is going to happen a lot, but we have seen how Thando carries herself.

And she seems to respect her marriage and the Dlamuka name, but she might not be able to keep up with the expectations. She is expected to be this obedient wife and she has contributed so much to the family, even though she is still very young.

She got married at 16 and she has been with Siyacela for years and from what we have seen on the show, he does not appreciate Thando as he should.

Now, there is someone who brought up something on social media, the person mentioned that there are people who are going to be pissed when Thando stays at home next year instead of going to university.

There were reactions to that, but this is unlikely to happen because Thando does not seem like a young lady who would give up on school for marriage.

If she has to choose, then that might be the end of her marriage and people have mentioned time and time again that, she should leave Siyacela.

She might end up doing that because the wife thing seems to be too much for her, the responsibility takes a toll on her, she is only 18, she should be focused on herself instead of being a wife.

When comes to stopping Thando from going to university, that is one thing that Siyacela will not be able to do. He is also very young, he can do a whole lot for himself, the role of being a husband can be revisited later on in life. 

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