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BIG BROTHER: Viewers are not happy about Mvelo with comedy

Viewers of Big Brother Mzansi are not happy about Mvelo in the current season on air because it was when other contestants were having a critical engagement and he came in to disrupt them. He is perceived as a jokester, and he should not have interjected on the engagement he discovered them discussing.

He came in to inject his jokes, and since he loves making jokes, it was his intention all along. But then he came at the wrong time and made viewers unhappy. They have been sharing their disappointing moments they saw at that time when he got into the mix.


While he was busy cracking his jokes, viewers made their own discovery that he was not coming fourth with his personality, and for him to focus on being a comedian, it makes him hide the kind of person he is. They can't figure out what kind of a person he is and so far they have managed to know about others.

They have made their own discovery, and at the moment, it remains to be seen if they will ever discover his personality rather than his happy moments of jokes. There is more time for them to learn about him and maybe they will finally get to know him. It may become very hard if he does not sit down on a critical matter.



1. Natasha: We can't dismiss Mvelo's sharing. He had a had time articulating their feelings, reality is not welcomed in the societies we live in.

2. Mabekaec: Mvelo is gay, I am going on make sure.

3. Mandla: I think Mvelo has to go, he is going to bore me with his fake laugh.

4. Sesethu: Exactly because he said his name also Sis Tamara said his name. He will have to watch and see how things turns out to be.

5. Aura: I think I now understand why Mvelo laughs at the end of every sentence. He has been through a lot and being one gives you strength.


Most of the time, it is hard to tell what kind of person they are when they are comedians, unless you get to spend time with him or her. Surely they will learn about them, and as for Mvelo, time is limited and they may not have a good chance. At the moment, it remains to be seen if they get a chance, or maybe someone who knows him will have a better way to reveal his true personality.

What are your thoughts?

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