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Pretty Gets Herself In Trouble After She Was Arrested For Crime She Did Not Commit #SkeemSaam

Pretty Get Herself In Trouble After She Was Arrested For Crime She Did Not Commit In #SkeemSaam

Khwezi, the first woman to punish the boyfriend for cheating and not only the Side Chick. Khwezi caught the Lehasa and Pretty doing some lovie dovey , She got furious, went straight, and stabbed Lehasa. After stabbing Lehasa, Pretty was next on the list, but fortunately, she ran for her life and locked herself in a room upstairs. Pretty tried calling Clement but he did not answer.

Pretty has been arrested for a crime she did not do. Khwezi killed this role, followers didn't see this one coming. Khwezi has planed to frame Pretty knowing that she's the one attempted to kill Lehasa.

Khwezi ia acting like a victim in all this drama she created. khwezi called the security and said she needed help Lehasa is dying then continue to gag her own mouth. Viewers is praying and hoping that she does not use the baby to make Lehasa marry her for real.

This Episode reminds me of Lelo and Enhle. Lehasa got his match in Khwezi shem. To think that there are men who’ll still put other women’s lives in danger by doing exactly what Lehasa is doing. By lying about their relationship statuses, after watching this episode ruining one’s life is so easy.

When it comes to relationships nd cheating, shame it never loved the Seakamela household. From the parents to the kids and the grandson it always ends in tears. This is an example of "lying to your parents about your whereabouts" gone wrong. We can feel MaMtuli's pain from here. I hope our kids are learning from Pretty's mistakes and lies.

Am proud of #SkeemSaam actors they make me fill proud to be a South African. Skeem sam always give up the best content everyday. Pretty has played the role so well. She really murdered this scene, her emotions was well ell executed. That was a SAFTA deserving performance.

How do they believe Khwezi when Pretty doesnt even have a drop of blood on her. But remember Peterson said officers should keep an eye on Khwezi. I don't think he really bought the story. What about you readers?

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