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The Bloody Heist: Is this the end of Mgedeza and Nox in DiepCity?

Are DiepCity actors Mduduzi (Mgedeza) Mabaso and Nozuko (Nox) Ntshangase leaving DiepCity? The gang leader Mgedeza and veteran queen robber Nox are up for the deadliest robbery of the show. The pair carried out several robberies together, establishing themselves as the hardcore robbers in Diepsloot. But with the unfolding of events, odds are pointing to the end of the star partnership. If the pair fails to come out of this robbery alive, it will end in DiepCity.

Mgedeza and Nox of DeipCity

Mgedeza and Nox in Diep City

The tycoon Mgedeza was known all over Diepsloot for his no-nonsense and fearless approach when carrying on heists. He became one of the top gangsters in the hood. He trained Nox, a young schoolgirl, into his most trusted partner. Unfortunately, in trying to leave dirty life, Nox is currently running a successful business with her friends, but Mgedeza will not accept it easily. He calls Nox to side with him this one last time before she hangs the boots forever.

Mgedeza had just found out that he is infertile for life, and the son he thought he had with Momo is not his. The debts are mounting, and the once tough man seems broken and weak as each day passes. Mentally, Mgedeza is not well as he continues to lose control of the gang and the continued frustration from his family.

Nox and friends of Diep City

On the other end, Nox is happy with the mechanics business she runs with her three friends. Suddenly, she has become a role model for young girls in the hood. Her father is a happy man again as she gets nominated at the yearly awards. Will Nox survive this bloody heist to pay Mgedeza’s debts?

Will we see Mgedeza and Nox in Diep City after the bloody robbery?

This has become the central question of the show. With odds against them, pressure mounting, less time for planning, and a demotivated gang that demands its cut for the previous job, Mgedeza and Nox are likely to fail dismally. Failure is not an option, and any casualties may result in them leaving the show. According to our analysis, the likely causality will be Nox.

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