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Kat advises Alfios to come clean about his feelings #SkeemSaam

One thing about Sabc soapies shows, they are very educational and always have a storyline that raises awareness on a real life situation.

The Seakamela’s are still worried that Meikie might hire someone to stand in her position in prison, more especially after the stunt Meikie pulled the previous day at court .

The Maputla’s stare at the Seakamela’s as they hold a very powerful prayer just outside the court. Meikie is convinced they’re praying for her downfall while  Leeto is held back on his way to give the Seakamela’s his piece of mind.

Apparently Meikie is found guilty of two charges, attempted murder and reckless shooting. The sentence is going to announced on Friday 3 December 2021. She will be remaining in prison until Friday. 

At least Mapitsi will be there to keep the Maputla house warm and well looked after when Meikie goes to jail.

Charles is suspicious and wants to know the relationship between Magongwa and Alfios. Magongwa is convinced principal Thobakgale and Mamaka are plotting his downfall regarding the Turfloop university.

Radio advice listeners about the Transnet scam. The two victims are in deep sorrow as they were scammed a lot but of money. This scam and transnet episode is so informative and educational because most people fall for these scams. With unemployment rate on the rise people easily fall into scams. People are more desperate than ever with everything going up.

Maureen was scammed 94k, just like that. Who pays for materials before receiving an actual tender.

Apparently Nothile lied about removing her womb and now Lehasa seem to be interested in the new girl in town.

Katlego advice Alfios to persuade Glenda as he seem to love her, it’s a petty Alfios feels like Glenda is way out of his league. Alfios can’t even make his own decisions without consulting the Magongwas first.

Reference: SABC 1 SkeemSaam


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