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Woman dubbed 'Female Hulk' silences trolls by flaunting ripped abs in skimpy outfit

Fafa Araujo, 36, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, rose to fame on social media thanks to her toned legs and tight stomach, which she flaunts online.

Countless people follow Fafa Araujo on Instagram and TikTok.

An Instagram post by a model showing off her toned legs and ripped abs went viral.

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fafa Araujo, 36, relocated to Chicago, Illinois, some 11 years ago, where she rose to fame online.

The fitness-themed model, who goes by the moniker Fafa Fitness, has been assisting clients in changing their body types for 25 years.

She frequently posts workout videos on Instagram, where she has a massive fan base of 455,000 followers.

Additionally, Fafa records herself using a weight machine in a recent TikTok video that has received over 900,000 views.

The 36-year-old is ecstatic by her astounding improvements.

She captioned the photo with the phrase "She hulk," displaying her toned chest and ripped legs.

Social media users undoubtedly approved of her nickname as over 46,800 people liked the post.

BEAST MODE OH YES was one fan's gushing comment, and "Your hard work paid off and you stayed lush well done" was another.

Another person added: "Your quads are amazing! Continue; you're looking good!"

To follow her aspirations, she relocated to Chicago, USA.

A fourth admirer commended her in the meanwhile, writing "Incredible woman," followed by a heart emoji.

Others, though, made remarks about her attire, but the bombshell didn't appear to mind.

I'm not trying to be rude, but you need to quit treating the gym like a strip club, one TikTok user remarked.

Another screamed, "Yeah, I always pull my top up while working my legs."

Trolls frequently criticize her attire choices.

The model expressed the following when discussing her dedication to fitness: "It takes time to develop.

"There is no magic formula for getting the body of your dreams; it just requires time, commitment, and consistency.

"I absolutely adore going to the gym, educating the folks I work out with, and encouraging them to eat for results.

"My muscles draw a lot of attention when I go outside, especially the legs. I also adore it.

Fafa aims to motivate people via their fitness endeavors.

The Daily Gainz, an online personal training program hosted by Fafa, features her workout plans.

"What actually makes them distinctive is that they are genuinely the routines I employ," she said in her conclusion. All of these programs were made by me!

"I refer to my method of exercise as the "Brazilian way" because the activities I perform differ greatly from the conventional "leg day" workout regimen.


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