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Businesses Owned By Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African media personality, socialite, and dancer. Zodwa is an entertainer. She has been a terrific dancer for the last few years and has feuded with fellow dancer Skolopad. Wabantu executed the Doek on Fleek event. She used to work for a debt collection agency, but later resigned to indulge in the leisure industry. She is presently signed to the DJ Tira record label. Below are some of the agencies owned by Zodwa Wabantu. Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers' Mortuary: Now, the controversial big name has announced a brand new mission, her mortuary. Zodwa took to social media this week to make the assertion.

In an Instagram post, she revealed the name of her new business: "Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers Mortuary." "When I consider dwelling a lavish way of life, I think about businesses to build. All are on my call, registering, constructing, making errors, failing, and trying again. "I won’t stop.I won’t act for twenty years with my money within the industry, but see me in years to come," wrote Zodwa in the caption accompanying her post.

Zodwa Wabantu is a dancer and socialite. Zodwa Wabantu’s has these days ventured into chicken farming and has been serving farm-fresh goodness to Mzansi celebs alike. Starting in 2021, Zodwa started out promoting live chickens and released a number of farm-sparkling eggs. The megastar took to Instagram to announce her new enterprise undertaking, leaving a lot of her fans amazed. Perfume for the Day and Perfume for the Night Zodwa Wabantu’s splendor merchandise brand is sincerely developing.

Zodwa labored in silence and took it to social media, thanking fanatics for supporting her. In the last 12 months, Zodwa Wabantu released her own fragrance range, which consists of two perfumes, Touchable Day and Touchable Night. I took my favourite scents and labored with something similar to get the perfect touch, and partnered with London-based fragrance organization W1C. "The perfume was synthetic in China, taken to New York, and brought back home for Mzansi ladies," Zodwa told Drum.


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