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King T: He is not happy with South African pool parties

King T is no longer happy about how some South African individuals are being hosted or partaking in pool parties which do no longer occur as a result. Maybe it should be called a "side pool party" because that is what it looks like from a discovery that is a regular occurrence.

He is sharing the reality truth that it is seen from black people who are not participating, according to how the experience is shared for those who have an interest into it. What is expected of members to be at the location is not happening, and people are sitting around the pool.


They are there for entertainment purposes, but it does not go in line with what it should be. Calling it a side pool party may work for this opinion, or maybe a complaint coming from King. They are not experiencing the pool party lifestyle as it should happen, but the opposite is happening.

All those who are there and those who are not within the pool are there for the other part, which is to be at an entertaining venue. Some people like to say that water and alcohol do not mix. You can not consume some alcoholic beverages and then get into a swimming pool.


It also goes with everyone who is used to having pool parties as they are, and for those who are not used to them, they are clearly seating beside the pool and consume alcoholic beverages. There is nothing wrong with it, as how they having it. Not everything is going according to expectations.

In the current situation in the world, with public venues having a limited number of occupants, they are not interested in the water, and there is no rule that regulates people who are inside the swimming pool. King may also be wrong about how people should have pool parties..


People choose to live their lifestyles in the best ways possible, and it is working for them. People will always have something to say about what is occurring in any given event. So many things have changed from what they should have been in the first place.

Your thoughts?

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