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Zama Zama's say the money they make is spent on the local economy

Zama Zama's have been facing wave after wave of attacks in recent days. 

This comes after a group of alleged Zama Zama's brutally raped at least eight models in a brazen attack in Krugersdorp. 

The models had been shooting a gospel music video when they were attacked by the gun wielding men. 

It has been reported that the Zama Zama's are now getting and they are itching to return to work.

They work at disused gold mines were they dig for the little scraps of gold which was left behind during the Johannesburg gold rush era. 

An immigrant from Mozambique said he started illegal mining in 2014 and with the money he makes he takes care of his five-year-old daughter, who also lives in SA. He was reluctant to say how much money they make.

Known as Alex, the Mozambican said the Krugersdorp rape incident had badly affected their work. He said even the relationships they had with locals had become strained. 

“We spend the money we make here in SA. About 10% goes back to our countries. Even the gold we get here does not leave SA. It ends in the SA market.”

Do you think the Zama Zama's should be given legal documents to enable them to continue trading?


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