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Mamkhize Shares A Very Inspiring Message

A well known celebrity by the form of Mamkhize shared something really touching on her own Instagram account. And a lot of people people can relate to her words in her special message towards her fan, we all know that life can be cruel we all know that in life where there's good they will always be bad.

Her words really touched a lot of people people we could easily relate to the points she was making about life. She stated that in life not everybody will like you, and sometimes in life it doesn't necessarily mean that if somebody doesn't like you... You have done something terrible to them a lot of times in life people they don't really need a reason to hate or even dislike you.

She said that in life it's fine if people they don't like you and also added by saying they may even not wish wish you well in life it doesn't matter. But that hatred shouldn't distract you and we should never even bother ourselves in paying attention to them. If a person chooses to be an enemy it's fine but we should never have the mentality of an Eye for an Eye in fact we should choose God.

Instead of choosing hatred we should choose God always we should choose love over hatred, as we all know by now you can never fight darkness with darkness only light can make the difference we must always choose love for oneself and choose the love for God... There's no doubt in my heart and mind that if people truly loved one another the world was going to be a better place, right now it's sad that people are finding it easy to show hatred rather than express love when you have love in your heart people are viewing that quality as a weakness, let us choose love over hatred.


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