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Mphowabadimo bullied for installing braces, see nasty comments

Mphowabadimo bullied for installing braces, see nasty comments

While you're here please follow me.

Some people are so unkind, you'd think they are paid for it.

The Mzansi Viewer's Choice Awards saw some of the most talented South Africans being crowned for their craft a few days ago. Of course, every awards ceremony needs presenters and from the day Mphowabadimo set foot in Biggie's house, it was crystal clear that she's made for the stage! Because of the exposure, she went straight to a big stage and that is, being a guest presenter at the Mzansi Viewer's Choice Awards for 2022.

So, Mpho got braces after she won the R2 million from Big Brother Mzansi. She had crooked teeth and until now, she couldn't do anything about it because orthodontics are quite expensive.

For someone who was constantly bullied for her crooked teeth, I'm stunned that she's still being faulted for having braces installed.

How is it that she was being bullied for her crooked teeth and now that she decided to do something about it, people are swarming all around her criticizing her decision?

The comments on Tiktok, where a snippet of her presenting at the awards was shared and the caption speaking ill of her braces, are distasteful to say the least. One person went as far as saying that she looks like Madluphuthu. Madluphuthu is a fictional character who had terrible teeth.

I cannot believe that in this day and age, there are people who think that people put braces for fun. There's nothing nice about walking around with wires in your mouth, if there was another less attention grabbing option, I'm sure she would have taken it. She installed them because she's trying to fix her smile. She should be left alone.

These are the mean comments:


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Source: DStvMVCA

June 28, 2022.

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