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Rate Precious, Mpumi's wife's make up. I saw gold everywhere.[Opinion]

Out if ten, how much does this make up artist that loves highlighter get from you?

Mphumi and Precious came in and were at loggerheads with each other, they were definitely toxic in every way. They hit better and even got married since leaving the house in October 2020.

We watched as Mphumi went down on one knee, asking Precious to marry her.Lobola was paid and a traditional ceremony was held. Of course Mpho and Makgabo were in attendance as these two couples seem to adore each other.

So can we please boycott this amazing shows's woadrobe, hair and makeup team?They can never do justice, can they? If this was a Pythagoras theory they would be dismally off, no balance what so ever.

They came a very long way and they seem very calm and together. Seeing all the gruesome activities these e couples were out under one would think it's harsh but I'm glad to see it help.

This show helped some find love and understanding again, it helped them realise their mistakes and to fix them,whild for others, it allowed them a chance to choose themselves and their welfare. Good job Moja Love, this one deserves miple awards.

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