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Meet Well Known Celeb now a Sangoma

Here is what keeps us going despite the daily challenges we face on our way to success. I believe that success is not measured according to your achievements that the most love quote by Mom Cool Zookey Zarling.

Zookey is a radio presenter for @risefm every Monday-Friday from 15pm-18pm ,She also worked for Gagasi FM in 2012.

Prior to that she was the Project Manager for The Centre for Creative Arts at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal where she read, researched, watched film, talent scouted and traveled mainly Africa and Europe for 2 literature festivals including a Poetry Festival, a dance festival and a film festival.

Before that she was working in my company travelling with local artists to Europe: countries like Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and the UK to promote trade and turn local talents into business opportunities. This included poets, musicians, fashion designers, Jewelry designers, crafters (omama bamacansi, ubuhlalo, leather work etc). Her job and concept was to introduce them to foreign markets and sell African art in exclusive 5 star boutiques and hotel's.

Before that she worked as the Events and Promotions manager for Gateway Theatre of Shopping creating weekly events.

Before that she worked for herself doing social corporate investment projects for the likes of Nelson Mandela Children's Fund and managed African Musicians Against HIV/AIDS.

Before that from Age 20 she was a Marketing Manager for Ikwekwezi Fm a Ndebele Radio station belonging To the SABC.

Her first formal job was at East Coast Radio ""(after being a tea girl for the Lunch Bar on Smith Street at age 16 and a sales attendant for Jadwats from 17 to 18 years and a receptionist for BM Tours for my first few months of 19)"...

She was a receptionist for a few months before being promoted to PR and Marketing assistant.

She studied part time in order to pay for her own studies and went door to door for every job she got except for the Varsity. They approached her while she was promoting artists and the arts abroad and Gagasi fm offered her the job via LinkedIn a "business social media platform" (after having seen me in action) and she had approached them to sponsor the HIV/AIDS clinic called Hope Centre that she was fundraising for via climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Zookey is a social commentator and invited to speak, write, read and or perform for various Organisations including Government departments, corporate companies, schools, community organisations and private individuals

Her company continues to project manage various Arts and Community festival's whilst her Foundation creates public and private partnerships for Young Adults faced with real life problems.All her projects and work concentrate on building awareness and assistance for young adults that battle with social ills of; unemployment, substance abuse, domestic abuse and skills development.She added "Life has never been easy for Me. I don't Come from a rich family, nobody has ever borrowed or given me money to help me archive my goals. I have worked hard, burnt the midnight oil, been rejected, had my ideas stolen" concluded Zookey.

Therefore she is very proud to be pure African woman who value africanisim.Zookey is now sangoma she always praise her ancestors on her Facebook page.

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