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The Big Picture. Stevo decided to marry the triple sisters and they all agreed

Have you ever met or witnessed a man dating three women and fantasizing about marrying them all? Meet the guy who is dating the three sisters and plans to marry them all, according to BrieflyNews.

The man's name is *Big man stevo*, and the three ladies who are about to marry him are triple sisters.

Stevo said to BrieflyNews that if everything goes according to plan, he will marry his triplet sisters in a public ceremony.

According to BrieflyNews, the sister stated that they were all pleased with what stevo had planned and that they all adored stevo the man.

This couple is quite capable of achieving their goals, and they strongly propose that their partnership be a huge success.

Stevo is a massive and powerful man. Marrying or loving three people is not easy. The man has earthly abilities since, honestly, I've never heard or been informed that "a normal man like me, besides monarchs and presidents, is marrying three people."


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