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Mzansi Pray For Lehasa & Pretty In #SkeemSaam. Here Is What Happened To Them In #SkeemSaam

Mzansi Pray For Lehasa & Pretty In #SkeemSaam. Here Is What Happened To Them In #SkeemSaam

Pretty is dealing with a practical case study as a law student her case will even be published in Academic Journal articles. I know most of us hate the storyline, but this shows us that if you tell your family everything no matter how uncomfortable, like Khwezi's kidnapping, dating behind parent's back, we wouldn't be here. They were going to be witnesses.

There's so many loopholes in this storyline, Pretty's family can't tell that this was the outfit Pretty was wearing when she went missing in that video. Atleast the brother pointed out that she looked afraid.

Most irritating and frustrating thing about #SkeemSaam is that the bad guys are always winning and good guys are always losing. At first many viewers didn't understand this Khwezi character storyline, now we on to something. She was Lehasa's karma all along.

Mzansi has been praying for Lehasa to wake up so that he can save Pretty. Mzansi has doubt of Peterson in solving this case and the only person who will solve the case is Lehasa who created this mess. Peterson is failing to see that Pretty didnt just came from turfloop wearing Lehasa's gown, boxer's and shirt and attacked both him and Khwezi.

The question Peterson should be asking is how did Khwezi get the video and why is she the only one who has it. Lehasa did delete the video but when Khwezi found her phone she spoke to some I.T guy over the phone an everything is restored. Fans are happy Pretty went to a legit abortion clinic. Now we can pull medical records. Psychopath Khwezi didn't think about that.

If forensics prove the hair thing was the attack weapon, khwezi will have to explain how Pretty got hold of it, stabbed Lehasa and gave it back to khwezi.

I know we all love Prehasa but let's be honest, walking in on your partner in that set up with another woman the day before he is supposed to pay lobola for you can drive any woman crazy worse you just found out you are pregnant. Unfortunately Lehasa won't tell the truth, Remember Khwezi has his family secrets. You know Lehasa can do anything to protect himself, he'll throw Pretty under the buss.


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