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Read: This could be how much Mzansi thinks Nkunzi from UZALO earns per month?

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Masoja Josiah Msiza, best known as the infamous gang-on-screen character Nkunzi in SABC's hit drama series Uzalo, is a well-known South African star actor. He is not only an actor, but also a poet and entertainer born with him. 

Nkunzi is one of the most followed and famous actors of Mzansi. The famous star actor put a lot of people on the screen with his master class acting. 

One of the most famous villains at the late age of 56. Nkunzi was born on October 5, 1964 in KwaThema, South Africa. Masoja started her acting career when she was 9 years old. 

Star Actor Muzhansi is one of the few Muzhansi actors who can speak any native language. It became a hot topic when I won the Masoja Drum Competition at the age of 14. 

 After graduating from school, he went to work in the mines. He was dismissed for participating in the demonstration, but he said it was a blessing that he soon started acting.

His debut performance starred in a play called Mfowethu, written and directed by Gibson Kente. 

He captured the hearts of many with his personality. There is no doubt that most people want to know a little more about Masoja's imports. The award-winning winner is one of the most money-making actors in Uzalo's appearance. 

The salaries of actors vary by production company, but the salaries of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry depend on variables such as ratings for the show, years of service, and apparently crafting skills. 

 Uzalo viewers surpassed 9.88 million, Generations has around 9.1 million viewers. Obviously, I think Usaro has some of the best performances, but it doesn't. For his infamous role, Nkunzi receives a salary between R60000 and R80000 per month. 

The SABC board weighed in after rumors circulated that the recently hit melodrama was paying lower salaries befitting the actors. Despite being Muzan City's hottest melodrama, Uzaro is under threat of cancellation.

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