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Maseko VS Mkhulu Tau In #Umndeni; Who Is More Powerful. (OPINION)

Maseko VS Mkhulu Tau In #Umndeni; Who Is More Powerful. (OPINION)

Source: Hashtag #Umndeni twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

We have a new cast members in #Umndeni, Mkhulu Tau and his wife. The show has shifted from focusing on Maseko and his wife, and now they only focusing on him and his family.

Many people ate waiting to see Fezile and Mkhulu"s relationship to peak since Mkhulu is now joining Maseko is mixing man and woman. Maseko has always been open about his sexuality. When we first saw Mkhulu Tau with Fezile people never thought that he is a sangoma and one of a powerful one. Mkhulu Tau has told his family that he want to marry a man. 

For years we have been seeing Maseko in #Umndeni but we have not seen him helping clients. For the first time we get to see Mkhulu Tau helping a client. Mkhulu Tau is still young and fresh. Mkhulu Tau looks like someone who is scary and does not mind bewitching someone's because of money. His not even afraid to say that he has bachelors degrees in witchcraft. 

We have seen #Umndeni but we have not seen interest part of Mkhulu where he walked naked. It seems like Mkhulu is proud of the way he is doing his things. Mzansi is now think that Mkhulu is more powerful than him, because we have not seen him doing this to his clients. It's Mkhulu"s first reality TV star but his already killing his character. In the last episode we saw him helping two clients and the second clients we saw him jumping backed. As for Maseko we have not seen him helping any clients. What his good at is by cheating.

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Maseko VS Mkhulu Umndeni


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