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Pregnancy period

Does Pretty deserve everything that is happening to her? Skeem saam

We all know that Pretty Seakamela has never been a nice person. She's a bully, a cheater and a liar. She has a way of turning stories around and make it look like it's someone's fault. But honestly speaking, at this moment it seems like Pretty is going through alot. Nothing seems to go according to the plan with her pregnancy which she wasn't aware of until recently. Since it was a little too late for abortion, she wanted to do it anyway and it seem like Mantuli might change her mind about her pregnancy since Lehasa rejected it. After finding she was pregnant, Pretty began placing a blame on Eunice who happens to be her best friend. Pretty has always been that friend who has an upper hand in her friendship with Eunice and lately she tried to pin her pregnancy on her friend. She cheated on Nimrod with Katlego and while we thought that might be a successful relationship. She cheated again on Katlego with Lehasa, one man that Katlego hate. So this means alot about the girl but it seems like she was a little bit in love with Lehasa. Her affair with him keeps popping up in her mind which says alot. Lehasa on the other rejected the pregnancy because of how easy he was able to get Pretty. He probably thinks that she went to sleep with someone who got her pregnant and since she comes from a poor background, the family wanted money from him. Him being a former employer of Pretty's uncle and mom just complicates everything as he might think they're using Pretty to avenge themselves. Share your thoughts, does she really deserve to go through the kind of pain?Lately Pretty has been crying which might affect her academics. Soon the whole Turfloop might know who fathers Pretty's child because Zamo shared that with Elizabeth who might share it with Mapitsi and that could mean the Maputlas and Magongoas might know.

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