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Skeem Saam: Celia Kunutu might get the opportunity to avenge Ben Kunutu's death|Opinion

This might be the perfect opportunity for Celia Magongwa to get revenge on her late husband's murderer. Don't forget that Thabo Maputla, Mmapitsi's future husband killed Celia's late husband. Alfred Magongwa is just a pawn, Celia is using him to fight her battles.

Alfred Magongwa thinks that they are together in their little game of destroying Mmapitsi and Thabo's marriage. Celia is running her own race and she will make sure that Thabo pays a heavy price for Killing Ben.

This time Celia Magongwa and Meikie Maputla want the same thing, both of them don't want Thabo Maputla and Mmapitsi Mmapitsi's marriage to happen. Celia and Alfred are used to plotting against other people. Even Clement's mother got the job with their assistance. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the lovely couple, otherwise it will be a double blow for Maputla family since they are still dealing with Mokgadi and Leeto's problems.

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