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Latest Episode of Moja Love's Ufelani Left South Africans In A Pool Of Tears!

The man who killed his baby appeared in the latest episode of Ufelani and both families got an opportunity to express their own views. Every day there’s a woman,baby, teen raped,abused and killed. Seeing these stories. The hurt goes beyond the families telling these stories.

Be careful what you do around your kids.They grow up to be double what you did in front of them. Sad how men are raised to believe they own women. That episode was reffered to as disturbing, some people are totally broken, their souls long dead just their bodies moving around. Mimi's eyes are dead. No sign of life in them at all, even when she narrates the story. She too is long dead inside, hence she wasn't able to care or grieve when Oscar killed their baby.

How do you give unstable man your child while you galavanting? Even in the day of funeral, she was unbothered having after tears with her new boyfriend. A person dies paternity and she still left the child with him. In as much as the man was blamed the woman was also blamed.

Many were even thinking that this guy had mental issues, after coming back from prison, he seems to have suffered psychotic episodes. Mental illness can destroy a person.

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