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6 song writing tips to become a better songwriter.

1. Keeping your melody simple is a great way to keep it memorable and singable.

Composers often want to complicate their melodies, either to prove their worth as melody composers, or because their lyrics are too wordy and do not lend themselves well to simple melodies.

But it is important to remember that simple is easy to remember and sing about. That is really what your listeners are looking for. If you don't believe it, then listen to your favorite songs and you will see what I mean.

2. Your voice is the most important part of your recording. When you come up with an arrangement for your recording, don't overload the track with too many instruments under the melody.

It will take away the performance of the singers. Instead, let the arrangement be more stripped down when the melodies are sung, and you can complete the arrangement more when the vocals are at rest.

3. When playing live it is important to engage your audience. For this reason, it is usually quite inefficient to close your eyes when playing a song.

It's interior-centric and makes it harder for your audience to connect with you. Instead, make eye contact while projecting the emotions of your song. That approach is much more likely to have a big impact.

4. There are many different ways to achieve the contrast between each section of your song (or from its verse to its chorus and its bridge).

You can sing your voice in a different range than in the previous section. You can start your voice on a different beat than you did in the previous section. You can play different chords on the guitar or piano from one section to another.

You can even play the same chords at a different beat. You will often see the best results when you combine several of these contrasting ideas, to bring out the contrast.

5. Breaking the patterns you've created while writing a song is a great way to grow as a writer.

If you use the same techniques, in the same order each time you write, not only might your songs start to sound the same, but you won't be struggling to grow as much anymore.

Always challenge yourself with new ideas and techniques to keep improving at what you do.

6. Another great way to get your audience interested in your song early on is to make the opening lyrics very engaging. Avoid starting with very generic language.

Instead, use a lot of common sense and paint a very visual image that easily invites your listener to your song.

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