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Uthando Nes’thembu: This Is What Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku Did That Got People Annoyed


Word has it that during the early days of the Uthando Nes’thembu reality TV show, Thobile Mseleku also known as MaKhumalo was the people's favourite. Supposedly, things slowly started to change when viewers were noticing something different about her.

To viewers, MaKhumalo was making slight attempts to outshine her sister wives. There are people who probably do not agree with this, it just could be that she is showing more of her personality.

And maybe, viewers of the show should appreciate that she has been able to speak her mind whenever she feels like she needs to. For someone who does not know who Makhumalo is, let me give you a brief description. Thobile Makhumalo is a 31 year old actress and business woman who is also the third wife of Musa Mseleku. 

There are probably many ways you can describe her and it is really up to you how you choose to see her. Just as everyone might have not expected, twitter came guns blazing and started talking about how she just says things that are not necessary.

On one tweet, they mention how she likes sucking up, as some see it, she contributes to something only if she knows that she will get something out of it. 

We know how twitter can be, another went on to say that she was being offensive while another one highlighted how there was no need for her to talk at the first wife's bridal shower and that she was annoying. Check out and you get more on this.

It is hard to say how things got this bad for her, everything was going well, with people showing her love. But, I suppose there has to be hate here and there, that is how the drill goes and, you know, you cannot be loved by everyone.

This went for some time and it is unclear how some people feel about her now. If it was not for the way she did things, I doubt that people would have something to talk about. She keeps doing her thing, after all, she has a family to take care of and probably cares less about what some tweet says about her.

It is clear that she has bigger problems, her focus is on building her marriage and running family businesses. Earlier, this year, she advised people about the choices they make when it comes to living a polygamous life.

This shows how she is committed to make a change even if it might not be a big change. If you want to know more about Thobile Mseleku, then make sure you go to

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