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What led to Zahara 's financial loss

The headlines l read recently appauled me to a point of misery , l could not comprehend how one of the most successful Afro pop singers of our time in South Africa is bankrupt to a point where the bank wants to take her house.

I am referring to Zahara , who is a platinum record selling artist who has sold records and tickets at an astronomical level and she had a huge endorsement deal with an international brand through her pronouncing influence and fame gained from her mesmerizing singing.

Zahara 's journey is a touching and motivational story , she came from nothing and fought her way up through her talent of singing and she became one of the best singing sensations this country has ever seen.

Zahara was once one of the most played artists on the airwaves and she she has released some classics that still linger in our hearts such as 'Loliwe' and so many more.

Now it doesn't make sense at all for her to file for bankruptcy after all the success she has had over the years in her singing career.

In my view l think Zahara was reckless with her income , she didn't not make any investment and she simply partied her money away for she is also known to have had a drinking problem so perhaps that led to her downfall and it's a shame.

Artists should be given a mandatory class on how to manage their finances and how to also spend their money wisely so that they don't end up in the tabloids filing for bankruptcy like in Zahara 's case.

I hope she will be able to bounce back from this and that she has confronted her demons to a point where they will not bring her down ever again.

What's your take on Zahara 's story ? Please share your thoughts, views and comments. Also like and share page, thanks for reading.

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