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Meet World's Most Fertile Woman Who Had 44 Children At 36 Years old.

This world is full of wonderful people with the gift of God in them.

This lady Mariam Nabatanzi is know as the most fertile woman in the world presently and she is from Uganda.

It was reported that this lady suffer from a rare genetic disorderliness, and because of this she have given birth to 44 children already while she is just 36 years old.

She was given out for marriage when she was still young, at the age of 12, wedded to a man of 40 year old. After the marriage, just a year later she gave birth to her first sets of twins and that's how she kept giving birth to children.

She gave birth 15 times to 42 children, though only 38 of them had survived. Nabatanzi was forced into marriage at a tender age of 12 and has faced years of abuse both during childhood and her marital life.

At present, Mariam has three sets of quadruplets, four sets of triplets and six sets of twins, she has been struggling all alone to feed them on her own after her husband ran away because he couldn't handle the the children. Each day, they feed on 25kg of maize flour without fish or meat.

Meanwhile she was captioned by her doctor to stop giving birth that her life is at risk because of her raer condition making her to have large ovaries after much giving birth.

It was revealed that she gave birth to her final sixth babys at once three year ago which was not to goo for her.

Mariam was just three days old when her mother died living her and her five siblings with just the father, it was very hard for her to survive she was just too little, a new born baby.

When the father of this lady died, it was reported that the father then married another woman who went ahead and poisoned the food of her elder siblings and they all died .

She said: "I was seven years old then, too young to even understand what death actually meant".

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