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5 Tips to help improve your singing.

Singing and how you can improve your singing has a lot to do with maintaining a good tone.

 In its pure form, a good tone results from good technique. The more control you have over the mechanics of your voice, the better your voice will sound and be more consistent. 

Once you establish control over the mechanics, you can continue to run a small business on your own. This skill requires a few basic steps and mastering them will allow you to improve your singing overall. 

1. Relax and breathe better 

Staying relaxed while singing is necessary. A tense singer will not be able to maintain resonance and control over the tone of his voice. As you relax, you gain the ability to remove tension from the voice and naturally reach higher notes.

 However, in order to do this, you must be able to breathe properly. In fact, breathing is the most important thing to improve in order to sing well.

 Some believe that the stomach is the source of beautiful sound while others believe that the diaphragm is the source. Try both and see which one works best for you. 

2. Role models teach a lot 

No one is telling you to imitate what you see your models doing, but at least try to understand the little things they do to control their voice.

 It may be their practice techniques such as the hum that can produce a miraculous change in your voice or it may be the way they bring out a high pitched tone. 

What you can do is practice what your model does, and then slowly introduce a new element of your own.

3. Experiment a lot 

You can't achieve a good voice unless you are prepared to experiment with different styles. Try out different styles of performance, different forms of music to find out what works best for you.

Some people are good at high activity level performance, while others require a relaxed approach. 

However, until you try both, you'll never realize which style works best for you. 

4. Find a job as a singer

Something voice coaches rarely advise is to seek a job as a singer. It's a great way to practice while getting paid. Plus, it lets you experiment with a live audience and get live feedback. 

The more you sing in front of people, the more naturally you will start to sound in front of an audience. 

The majority of singers remain bathroom singers simply because they have never performed in public before. 

5. Take care of your voice 

The number one rule for singing better is to take good care of your vocal instruments. This includes the throat, chest, and stomach region. 

Don't smoke, cut down on alcohol, and avoid dairy products as all of these things scar the vocal tissues and make a complete performance difficult. 

Don't yell or scream when singing and drink plenty of water to keep your throat hydrated and lubricated. 

As you start to follow the tips above, your voice will slowly improve, but without keeping an eye on your improvement, you will forget what works and what doesn't. 

Therefore, keep a journal in which you keep what you tried, for how long, and what results you achieved. 

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