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Zodwa Wabantu Opens Up About Her Ancestral Calling.


20 January 2022

There is no shortage of celebrities in South Africa who are sangomas. Many well-known people have embraced the ancestral gift of ubungoma (traditional healing) in the past decade alone.

In as much as fearful as being a traditional healer looks from the outset, it is still a calling and most importantly a most valuable gift from ancestors. Not everyone gets recognized by ancestors, it is quite fascinating to be the chosen one to heal other people.

A journalist has revealed thay Zodwa Wabantu in season 3 of Uncensored, her reality show will share with the viewers that she has ancestral calling and share more details.jnto that.

One of the advantages of the reality show is that there is no such thing as your privacy, people get to know who you are, what you do from day to day and your personality. It is fortunate that Zodwa got to share such news earlier than expected and perhaps that will also advance her financial status as more people will watch the episode.

There is controversy on Zodwa Wabantu's character in the society and African cultures. Ancestors are beleived to be spirits that stay in clean souls or bodies. With Zodwa Wabantu it raises eyebrows that she has been given such a gift as she is someone who always undress herself on stage infront of hundreds of people and has even went to an extent of showed her private parts to hundreds of people.

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