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People noticed something down there, after a lady who looks young revealed her age

A lady who goes by the name of Phuthi is a South African social media influencer who is undoubtedly one of the well-known inflancers in Mzansi. Phuti found herself trending on Twitter. This comes after she revealed how old is she.

Many people usually say that Phuti is a high school girl. Yesterday she had to prove it to the world that she is actually an old independent lady, and she is working. Phuti then posted the pictures of herself in casual outfit she wear when she is off duty, and the other picture of herself when she's on duty. According to Phuti she is above 20 "23 years old but I look like a high school kid" she said. People hopped into the comment section to and told her to say no more, this comes after they noticed the size of her boots "That size 10 safety boots" said a Twitter who finally understood that Phuti is really not a high school girl. People were so obsessed with the size of her boots "Who issue you this big boots Mara Mthako wa mbhora jwale (tell them to stop playing with you)" said a Twitter user. "last number" said Twitter user after seeing big boots.

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Phuthi Phuti


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