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One word for Minnie Dlamini, she left her fans ready to worship the ground she walks: Opinion[0]=AZW7h8MpvfhYmzyA5hJmYooMGIkkLwvyO7zhTN09lB2co4OvytV1gzLRAjBnli0ZjQAwCa6-iSA40H8C-b70SPAv3QVE0McS6SuBxQ07Qw9B8FUnRiFwxH0akZ7jE-qVgbVMdj2TXalF7kUukyJBjojrWmIigLAbGpydqVXIMYQy__8g3l59xULAqnHoeZsFQDZwIerhn8pLnqV17guz5aw5&__tn__=%3C%3C*F

Mimie Dlamini Jones is one of the most beautiful celebrities that we have in South Africa, at one point you may think that she was not born, but she was made, manufactured and well structured for this world. There are some ladies with a beauty that seems like they are angels that fell from the sky. Such ladies like this can sink any man and they can also build any man. You can not even see her mistakes when people are telling you, this is quite a blinding beauty.

You may convince yourself that, it will never happen with you, only to realise that, when you are finally on her lap, you may do as she says. Brothers and sisters, we have to agree, there is no artist like God, He can create and mould beautifully. Many people are really in font of her, especially man, Mr Jones is really blessed to have her heart entrusted to him.

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