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The people who are looking down on you Will look up to you tomorrow.

I saw a video of Blxckie performing before he become famous.People wasn't really paying attention.Fast forward it's 2021 Blxckie is famous.I was watching his video performing & everyone was rapping his songs alongside with him.When he is done performing he was escorted to his tour bus by securities because fans were all over him.Blxkcie didn't give up even thou he was performing for people who ain't interested before he become famous.So why should you give up? Why should you care about people's opinions? Why should you? Keep doing what you love,The people who are looking down on you Will look up to you tomorrow.

You're lucky if you have people funding your dreams.There are so many talented people in the streets.So many people died with their talent.The truth is parents don't support talent until Money start coming in.If you don't push yourself nobody will push yourself.If you don't sacrifice nobody will sacrifice for you.You still gonna cry.Nobody cares.You need to look out for yourself.Friends don't care.Family don't care.The only person who got your back is you.Go & do what you love.Dont stop because of opinions.One day you will look back & laugh about it & they will look up to you.

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