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Mzansi Is Left Stitched After Samantha Shows Qondanisa That She Is The Boss In #MnakwethuHappilyEA

Mzansi Is Left Stitched After Samantha Shows Qondanisa That She Is The Boss In #MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter

These family need their own reality show just so we can see Samantha showing Qondanisa flames. Men put us through the most, but when the tables are turned they become so touchy and emotional. This Qondanisa circus will teach lots of men out there to stop rushing to pay lobola.

Samantha is a mess. She wanted to be in I'sthembu not realizing that she'll soon be replaced as a side chick. Now she wants to drag MaMchunu in the mud with her. Samantha is wrong for suggesting MamChunu's kids be taken in for DNA testing aswel. She knows her promiscuous movements. She instilled doubt. She started this storyline. She provoked Qondanisa. Children have nothing to do with her fight with Qondanisa. Regarding MamChunu shame, I 100% agree. But as for Qondanisa, somehow I don't feel sorry for him. She had a whole wife, but no, nigga was like this stress is not enough. 

Samantha should have really left MaMchunu out of this mess with Qondanisa. Samantha doesn’t know who her baby daddy is and she is trying everything to dance around the situation! There is no need to involve MaMchunu’s kids. She wants Qondanisa to question the 1st wifes loyalty just because she has been busy. If she's not guilty she should accept the DNA tests to be done. If she knew who the baby daddy is she shouldn't be afraid to do DNA test. 

Samantha must take responsibility for her actions. Second wives are very insecure and they don't have peace shame. She's dragging Mamchunu's household into her mess. She want to feel better by embrassing Mamchunu when she knows that shes the one whos wrong. Samantha is tearing this Qondanisa's family apart. This guy is telling the truth Samantha is now trying to be a man in their relationship.

Women need to understand they will never be men, therefore cannot do as men do. There is a difference between being equals and being the same. Yes mena and women are equal , but we will never be the same. God didn't make a mistake here.

Mam Chunu us the woman she think she is, Qondanisa was complete with her. Being greedy brought him Samantha look how she's embarrassing him. God will give you what you constantly chase after he has blessed you. And trust you me, what you chasing is the opposite of what you think you need. (It's pretty much a curse). God is punishing him by using Samantha.

Samantha is dealing with Qhondisani accordingly.

Samantha: "Ngiyamqondisa , I am showing him whatever he do , I can also do it".

Mseleku jaws dropped, when Samantha is saying she is had it with societal expectations that a man is allowed to do whatever. This new found fame is the hill these women will die on cos these sthembu’ are pure mediocre. These guys are taking these ladies for granted, most of them don’t even know why they’re looking for second wife.


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