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Podcast chill crew with MacG are having a great lifestyle


MacG is having a great time with his crew, traveling around the country and providing a wonderful lifestyle for his chillers. He is not disappointing as he keeps delivering the best that chillers are enjoying from his Patron memberships and finally to subscribers.

People who have become a part of the family are constantly asking who their crew is and why they are not on the screen. As for Ghost Lady, it remains a ghost situation in which not many people will know her physical appearance. Apart from his crew, they bring people together.


Attending brunch episodes when they are made available is not only the Patron membership privilege. They were in Polokwane for a Monday episode and, grabbed a sit-down meal with the crew and chillers came in numbers for the episode. It is also a wonderful experience to watch the podcast live in recoding.

The greatest part of the podcast is that, if you missed it as it premiered, you are still having an opportunity to stream it on YouTube, and when it comes to celebrity interviews, they are not edited for viewers like on national television.


They are having many people together, and from how they are handling the network, it is loved by many people who are watching every episode when it drops. Subscribers or chillers are also eager to know the most talked about crew members coming from MacG and Solphenduka.

As they were in Limpopo, they are back in Gauteng for another thrilling moment with Tbo Touch and DJ Fresh. The way they are open on their network is grabbing more attention as they will be going international and they are having chillers outside the country.


It is no longer about people within the country, but anyone who is anywhere in the world and in love with the podcast. They touch on many matters or topics around the country, and their chilling experiences does entertain. They are having great conversations in a way that you do not want look away from them.

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