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Generations The Legacy Actress Was Allegedly In A Threesome Scandal

Intimacy is something that is very important in a relationship, and it is one of the main contributors to ensuring that a relationship stays healthy and succeeds. Lack of intimacy can lead to a relationship not being the same anymore, and lots of frustration between partners, who might find themselves looking for that intimacy elsewhere.

Some people love exploring in their relationships, being adventurous and keeping the excitement going by trying out different things, especially when it comes to the bedroom department. This form of intimacy excites vulnerable individuals so that they are able to go beyond their limits with their partners.

A well-known South African actress who is known for her role in Generations: The Legacy, made news again after it was revealed that she was allegedly caught up in a three-some between her wife and a Nigerian man. The actress made headlines before after it was claimed that she had no money to pay her drivers, and all of the drivers she owed money to were waiting at her front gate demanding payment.

Latoya Makhene, who plays the role of Tshidi in Generations: The Legacy, was in a situation which she found uncomfortable after there were allegedly discussions. At the threesome, it is said that Latoya shared that the man did something that she found quite disturbing and unbelievable. A person approached her asking for a threesome which involved Latoya and her wife. She declined the offer, but it seems like that was not enough for the person who asked.

Then a Nigerian man approached her, telling her she should stop being in relationships with other women. The Nigerian then allegedly touched Latoya in an inappropriate manner, touching her private parts. which then angered her and she told her wife. Her wife then approached the man and they both attacked him.

Latoya's wife got hurt in the process and her phone was flat as well, but they later went to open a case at the police station. So did the person who bothered them. Not much has been shared about the incident, but individuals will be making court appearances. Latoya opened a sexual harrassment case and her wife was arrested.

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