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Jub-Jub Accuses Kelly Khumalo Of Using Witchcraft When They Were Dating

Jub Jub has been trending for the whole week these past two. This is after what he said about his ex-partners on the Mac G podcast and chill. Jub Jub is a former ex-convict who has just recently been released from jail and is accepted into society as well as the entertainment industry.

The rapper, who is well known for the hit song Ndikholele, has been hosting a show that exposes cheaters called "Uyajola99" on Moja Love. The show focuses mainly on helping people who suspect that their partners are unfaithful to help find the truth. On the show, not many people are happy with Jub Jub ruining their relationships, and what he is probably trending for right now must be making them happy.

Listening to a podcast and relaxingJub Jub said quite a lot, which is why many people are upset with him, and many believe that he has not been rehabilitated at prison as he claimed he was, because of the awful things he said about Amanda Du Pont and Kelly Khumalo. Back in the day, he dated both these women, but was in a relationship with Amanda first, then later with Kelly.

The rapper claims that the only reason he left Amanda for Kelly was because Kelly was using witchcraft on him so that he could not leave. He also went on to say that for all the men Kelly had ever had, she used muthi on them. Jub Jub told many of the podcast listeners that Kelly is not good enough to get a man on her own; she needs to use muthi.

After people heard this, some of Kelly's fans went to her support, and some of them encouraged Kelly to sue him for badmouthing her and accusing her of witchcraft. Jub Jub has also been exposed as a sexual assaulter as well as an abuser.

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