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Having Breathing Problems During Singing? Priyanka Ahuja shows How to Master it

I’ve had lot of queries regarding singing but the most common one is “Priyanka, can you please tell us how to breathe properly during singing?” and trust me this one is the most crucial one as well.

Hi I am Priyanka Ahuja and in this article I am going to share some techniques and exercises that will help you master your breathing during singing.

Most of the time singers and vocalists while performing gets so emotionally invested in the song that they tend to lose focus from their breathing. You start singing and then comes a high note. Suddenly, you lost all your breath and you start to suffer. Fortunately, you can avoid such scenarios by adopting some simple techniques and doing some really helpful exercises.

1.     Breathe from your Diaphragm or Abdomen —

While singing, make sure that you are taking deep breaths and breathe from your abdomen. This will put less stress on your throat and hence ensures that you put lesser strain on your voice. You can get used to this by following a simple exercise.

Stand up straight, put your hand on your abdomen and now try to inhale as much air as you can but from your abdomen. In this whole process try not to move your chest. You may also do this exercise by lying on your back. This will help you master breathing from your abdomen or diaphragm and not from your chest.

2.     Try breathing from both your nose and your mouth —

Involving both nose and mouth for inhaling will ensure that you are taking more amount of air in a given time. This will help you in between long phrases where you might have low or almost no chances of breathing.

3.     Practice Yoga/ Pranayama that increases your breathing capacity —

There are multiple asanas in yoga that helps improving your breathing capacity. I have personally benefited a lot from this and I highly recommend you to follow this. This will not only improve your breathing capacity but will also help to better control your breath while you are singing.

If you follow only these three techniques, in no time, you will master how to breathe properly while you sing and never run out of breath. I hope this helps you all. And most essentially don’t forget to rehearse. Keep Singing !!

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