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Racist People Like You Deserve To Suffer And Die: screenshots Between Famous Actress And Designer.

In context to bullying it's a sense of control over someone else. It is an unjustly way that makes one uncomfortable about them self.

Michael Costello feels uncomfortable today.Playing victim in the face of the public. But he didn't feel that pain when he was body shaming song stress Leona Lewis. It is possible that he wasn't aware of his actions. That's why I always advice people to be careful of what they say to other people.

How many careers has he brought to an end because of his words? We don't know,maybe more people are going to come out.Not defending Chrissy,but being racist is wrong in so many ways.

Chrissy wasn't aware it was a false post though.It seems it has a root from where it came from .Threats on wanting to kill himself are selfish rather he rectify his actions to those he's wronged. Than reliving the pain in his heart many have been bullied. Many have survived it he should not be chasing fame by blasting others.

Bullying has become a norm to people they have used all these social media platforms. To I'll treat people and make people feel uncomfortable about who they are and how they are. Please stop bullying or avoid bullying other people if you're a bully.

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